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Spacely Space Sprockets

Providing Orbit City's major industries with sprockets and cog's

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Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc. 

We manufacture sprockets to the exact specifications down to a thousandth of an inch. Our main office is here in Orbit City, our plant is located on an asteroid in space. We developed RUDI short for Referential Universal Digital Indexer to assist in the manufacturing process.

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Mickey Meteorite Aerobotics Robotics

Great customer service, we switched from Cogswell Cogs and it saved us a lot of money in our production. We also use their computer system RUDI.

Curly Quasar Space Cars

"Spacely Space Sprocket's team worked with me to get the sprockets I needed for our facility. If you need sprockets I highly advise them."

Curly Quasar Compute Factory

"We switched from Cogswell Cogs to Spacely Space Sprockets and our prodution time is  50% less. RUDI has given us an advantage." 

Our Clients